Being a Member

Buckhorn Ski and Snowboard lodge is a privately run cooperative member facility. Anyone can apply to be a member however, membership requires an annual fee and annual maintenance hours as well as participating in social functions when possible. The lodge has been around since 1948 and to keep it going we need everyone to pitch in and foster the great community we strive for. In addition, the lodge operates in the Angeles National Forest, off-grid and has very specific rules and operation guidelines to keep the facility and members safe. Potential members must show a willingness to help as well as keen interest in the outdoors and making Buckhorn last for generations to come.

We Work Hard

We Play Hard


1. Participate in work parties or maintenance 

2. Attend club meetings and social functions 

3. Support fundraising activities 

4. Help on a committee 

5. Recruit new members

6. Have fun!


Initiation Fee ($100)

Family ($175)  (Click for Paypal)

Individual ($125) (Click for Paypal)

Social Only ($75) (Click for Paypal)

Current members can use Paypal to pay their dues using the links above or send check (made out to Buckhorn Ski Club to PO Box 27572, Santa Ana CA 92799-7572. Please do not submit payment unless you are an approved member.

Application Process

We welcome members to join Buckhorn. We have a selection and probation process as we want to make sure members are aware of the responsibilities and requirements and what is available to each member.

The first step is to come to the lodge. The best time is on one of our regular (ish!) work days. Any time when there are members around is OK. 

 Before applying potential applicants are required to attend orientation. After attending an orientation if you think you are a good fit you need a current member to sponsor your application. We will then send the application form, which you complete.  New members must be approved by the board of directors.  When you are approved by the board of directors, your Fee is due. 

New members will be in a probation period for the first year and membership can be revoked at any time. 

To schedule an orientation please email us.

We do not allow orientations to anyone who just shows up on the property. Please do not drop by without an invitation or you will be turned away.